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At Dynamic Chi­ro­prac­tic, we have the facil­i­ties and exper­tise to offer a unique Foot­Bal­ance foot assess­ment and 100% cus­tomised insoles, deliv­er­ing nat­ural foot align­ment, cush­ioned com­fort and per­fectly fit­ting shoes. We are fully equipped as a Foot­Bal­ance part­ner with state-​of-​the-​art foot assess­ment soft­ware and unique mould­ing cushions.

Insoles are indi­vid­u­ally cus­tom moulded to each foot, ensur­ing a per­fect fit and opti­mum sup­port no mat­ter what your arch type, foot shape or dif­fer­ences between your left and right feet.

Nat­ural Foot Align­ment & a Per­fect Fit every time

Cus­tomised footwear com­fort which deliv­ers the per­fect fit and improved foot health
- allow­ing you to per­form at your best what­ever your cho­sen activ­ity or way of life.

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Foot­Bal­ance pro­vides a unique com­bi­na­tion of com­puter aided foot analy­sis and 100% cus­tom insoles deliv­er­ing nat­ural foot sup­port and alignment.


Everyone’s feet are dif­fer­ent and often our own feet dif­fer from right to left. Foot­Bal­ance insoles are 100% cus­tom moulded to your indi­vid­ual feet for the per­fect fit.

Quick and easy

In most cases your cus­tomised insoles can be moulded on the spot, allow­ing you to walk away and expe­ri­ence greater com­fort and the per­fect fit straight away.


Foot­Bal­ance 100% custom-​fit insoles, along with a range of cus­tomised rein­force­ments offer an afford­able solu­tion to foot prob­lems for a grow­ing num­ber of people.


Foot­Bal­ance deliv­ers supreme com­fort and the per­fect fit time after time.


Foot­Bal­ance are so con­fi­dent that their insoles will offer a great solu­tion for you that if you are not com­pletely com­fort­able after 30 days you will receive a full refund or a re-​moulding at no charge.

Your feet are the foun­da­tion for your entire body. When this foun­da­tion is mis­aligned or func­tion­ing poorly the effects can be felt through­out the body, whether in mus­cle and joint pain or through more seri­ous injuries.

Over 75% of the pop­u­la­tion suf­fers from over­prona­tion or exces­sive supina­tion, yet most of us are unaware of our own foot type and how it affects the rest of our body.

This illus­tra­tion shows the many areas of the body affected by over­prona­tion. By sim­ply sup­port­ing the feet prop­erly over­all body align­ment can be improved, alle­vi­at­ing pain and help­ing the body heal itself.

body alignment

To find out more about the sci­ence behind Foot­Bal­ance and a more in-​depth look at what they can do for you then take a look at the Foot­Bal­ance Web­site.

If you would like to book an appoint­ment for an assess­ment or even just to talk through the ben­e­fits of Foot­Bal­ance one to one, then please get in con­tact with us at Dynamic Chi­ro­prac­tic and we will be more than happy to help.