back pain

Chi­ro­prac­tic treat­ment is proven to be effec­tive in the treat­ment of Back Pain and Sci­at­ica. Stud­ies com­mis­sioned into the effec­tive­ness of Manip­u­la­tion (of the type per­formed by Chi­ro­prac­tors) in com­bi­na­tion with exer­cise in the treat­ment of back pain have been found to be a highly effec­tive method of treatment.

So much so, the Chi­ro­prac­tic pro­fes­sion is increas­ingly becom­ing com­mis­sioned to deliver care to Back Pain patients via the NHS. Dynamic Chi­ro­prac­tic is cur­rently in con­sul­ta­tion with three com­mis­sion­ing groups in prepa­ra­tion for pro­vid­ing an NHS ser­vice in Man­ches­ter, Cheshire and the sur­round­ing area.